domenica 7 luglio 2013

New location - Main store Donna Flora

Donna Flora's main store has moved, after so many years to hold the sim Bonin, Squinternet now decided to move her shop to a homestead to reduce the rent, in this new store, she keeps all her wonderful clothing and jewelry available.

New Store Donna Flora

The new landmark is:

In the hall of the new store, you will see a small table where you can make a donation if you want to help Squinternet. Another way to help her is directly on the site "Love Donna Flora" by clicking the "Make a donation" by paypal.

Will stay open for another week the original shop, if you want to say goobye runs that are a few days!

New Store Donna Flora 2

New Store Donna Flora 3

New Store Donna Flora 4

New Store Donna Flora 5

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