mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

Orchid dress

Donna Flora is proud to show you this new dress "Orchid", which you can find it in nine different colors.

Is a cocktail dress with a tube skirt and blouse without sleeves, includes hat.

You can buy it in Mainstore!

ORCHID teal red lilac

ORCHID black ivory blue

ORCHID lemon peach cream

Organica Set

Organica is a new set of contemporary jewelry include necklace and earrings in white gold with white sapphire.

You can find this in the Donna Flora Store!


Nana Set

Donna Flora is proud to show you these New Sets "Nana", each set has a necklace with earrings in white gold.

The roses was created in white gold wire with diamond incrustations. The set 1 is a long necklace instead the set 2 is a shot necklace.

You can find them in the jewelry's section in Mainstore!

NANA #1 set

NANA #2   set

martedì 24 maggio 2011

Grimilde Set

Grimilde is a new set of necklace and earrings made ​​of white gold, are roses embossed with precious stones. the necklace was realized with leaves of small diamonds.

You can buy it in Mainstore!


Syssy Crowns

In Mainstore you can find these cute crowns Sissy. They are small and colorful, you can use these to give you a touch of whimsy to your hairstyle.

Are 5 different colors in a single pack.

SISSY crowns

Samara bow watch

Donna Flora is proud to show you her new clock pulse "Samara". This beautiful watch can be found in four different models.
is a luxury clock made ​​in yellow gold or titanium with precious stones.

You can configure your time with RL. was realized with the utmost care in all details.

You can find it in Mainstore!

SAMARA Bow watch diamonds

SAMARA Bow watch amethyst

SAMARA Bow watch topaz

SAMARA Bow watch turquoise

venerdì 13 maggio 2011

Dana for Shoe Fair 2011

This coming May 14, begins the Shoe Fair 2011 and closes May 27.

Donna Flora is proud to participate for the first time in this fantastic event within SL. with her new line of women's shoes.

For this event you can find the new shoes "Dana" which are made of satin fabric with floral motifs and with different colors as well as in single color.

This year, organizers Hope that your contributions, Allowing people and communities in over 125 countries "(Including the Pakistan, Haiti, Nepal, Kenya, and Thailand) to gain access to much-needed footwear.

My store for Shoe Fair 2011 is here.

More information about Shoe Fair 2011

DANA  white

DANA   Baroque cream

DANA Baroque   roses

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Seaqueen Set

Donna Flora is proud to show you this new release "SeaQueen" It's a set of necklace, earrings & rings shaped like a starfish. made in yellow gold with small pearls. It includes a HUD to change the color of pearls.

You can buy it in mainstore!


Princess Set

Donna Flora has created these two sets in black and white "Princess" Is a pearl necklace with three rows of pearls, earrings & ring.

You can find these sets in the Mainstore!!

PRINCESS white set

PRINCESS black set

mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

Gloria Set

Donna Flora is proud to show this new parure Gloria consist in a necklace, ring and earrings elaborated with fiorentine gold and precious pearls that you can change the color with the Hud in 9 different colors.

You can buy this new set in the Mainstore!


Maria Set 1 & 2

I show you the latest release of jewelry by Donna Flora :Maria 1 & 2. Maria 1 consists of a necklace of leaves with flowers in white gold with precious stones and a pair earrings.

Mary 2 consist in two rings with various flowers made in white gold and precious stones and include a beautiful Bracelet made ​​in the same style.

You can find these releases in the Mainstore!

MARIA set-#1

MARIA set-#2

lunedì 2 maggio 2011

Watches Samara and Gloria

Donna Flora is proud to show you these two new watches "Samara & Gloria".

Samara is a luxury watch made ​​of gold and diamonds. Includes a HUD to change the color of the cover in pearl.

Gloria is another luxury watch that was realized with gold Florentine style. includes small colored pearls. Includes a hud so you can change pearl's color.

both include a script to change the time. You can buy these watches in the Jewelry section in MaiStore.



Agnes Set

I want to present one of my recent release of jewelry, "Agnes Set " is a necklace and earrings made ​​of white pearls, and flowers of white or yellow gold.

You can find it in Mainstore and for a few days in my stand inside Culture Shock.

AGNES gold set

AGNES platinum set

Culture Shock 2011 Donna Flora

The first annual “Culture Shock” event in 2011 has started (May 1st – May 22nd) aims to be a large and important event for the Secondlife fashion culture. Celebrating trends and trendsetters. Donna Flora is proud to participate in this event.

This event was organized by CHIC Management and sponsored by MODAVIA Productions.

I show you my three exclusive items that you can buy in my stand inside Culture Shock.

the cash proceeds from the sale of exclusive items (50% to 100%) will go to Médecins Sans Frontières (Referred to commonly as "Doctors Without Borders") is an independent Humanitarian medical aid organization.

I would like to inform you that you can also find my latest release "Rose Shoes".


ROSEA shoes