martedì 29 marzo 2011

Paradise Sets

Donna Flora is proud to show These sets "Paradise". That you can find in MainStore. These sets were created with great care goldsmith for this spring.

There are three different models of necklaces and earrings. The model "Paradise turquoise" also combines moonstone, jasper stones and diamonds.

The model "Paradise Amethyst" also combines topaz stones and diamonds.

the latest model,"Paradaise Coral" is a combination of mabe pearls with Jade.

PARADISE turquoise set

PARADISE amethyst set

PARADISE coral set

giovedì 24 marzo 2011

Paradise Bw & Paradise Amethyst

Paradise is a new collection of earrings that you can find in MainStore.

The BW model is made with diamonds, moonstone and onix and the model amethyst combines these with diamonds and jasper stones.

PARADISE BW earrings

PARADISE amethyst earrings


Now you can find in the store this new set OCCASUS created with agate stones in color mauve and yellow gold. The set includes necklace, earrings and ring.



Donna Flora is proud to present this new parure of necklace, earrings and ring.

Are made in yellow gold with diamond cut drop and tourmaline. You can buy it in MainStore.



Kalei is the new set of necklace and earrings made ​​in old style cut diamonds. It includes a HUD to change the color of the base in 11 different colors.

You can find it in the store.


martedì 22 marzo 2011

Susy Black & Susy Pearl

Susy Black & Susy Pearl, are two new jewelry set, that you can find now in MainStore. Susy Black Set is made of round dark stones with a heart-shaped stone. Instead Susy Pearl Set is in clear stones with a flower of goldsmith.

SUSY black set

SUSY pearl set


Ameringa is a new jewelry set for this spring that includes necklace and earrings. They were created with inspiration in ethnic forms. Combining the small beads with precious stones.



Now you can find in MainStore, the collections ZsazSa: "Leo", "Tiger" & "Zebra" that can be matched with the set of rings ZsazSa are two models in 6 different colors.

ZSAZSA leo set

ZSAZSA tiger set

ZSAZSA zebra set

ZSAZSA rings

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Donna Flora for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

The community in Second Life has mobilized to help in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Many designers have united in one cause to raise funds. "pacific Crisis fundraiser. "

Donna Flora has created these two sets of jewelry: "Vivian in pearl" & "Vivian in onix" and two models of rings: ZsaZsa Leo & ZsaZsa Tiger, which can be purchased on to help these people who are in dificult. HERE

All the sales amount will be delivered for this cause.





sabato 12 marzo 2011

FFL 2011 Second Life

Donna Flora is proud to participate in the event of FFL 2011 to raise funds for the American Cancer Society for more information see the official website.

For this important event, you can find on the stand three suits: LEONOR aqua gown, ENOLA silver, Luzie black with color Hud, and the earrings LENA.

In the system Gacha you can find the hat "CHERIE" in 6 pastel colors.

The cash proceeds of these products will be donated entirely.

The stand of Donna Flora is located in the Ansel Adams sim sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster.

You do not miss this fantastic opportunity to have fun while helping a good cause!

LEONOR aqua-gown

ENOLA silver

LUZIE black

LENA earrings

CHERIE hats gacha

martedì 8 marzo 2011


Donna Flora is proud to show this last release "Cherie" a year 20's vintage dress.

The color of this dress make it elegant and feminine. Includes: hat, full & fur, to do a mix and match as you like.

You can buy it in the store!


Jennifer Gown

Donna Flora has released this gown "Jennifer". A modern evening dress in beige with black top, which adds a single piece of tulle that is joined to the hat.

The skirt includes pieces of tulle, which matches perfectly to the top of the dress. You can find it in the shop!



Donna Flora is proud to show this cocktail dress with jacket, that you can find in the store.

The beige dress is combined with the black jacket with neck feathers. It's made with tull brocaded with silk threads in color silver and black.



We at Carnival time! in the store you can find this dress that was created as a tribute to the Carnival of Venice in Italy.

The dress "Venice" includes both options to wear it.

Happy Carnival!



Continuing with the new collection of spring, In the store you can find this elegant gown "Enola" in color Blush & Tan.

This long dress with expand skirt and sleeveless top is combined with a chandal in bright satin.



domenica 6 marzo 2011

Luzie & Butterfly

Donna Flora is proud to show this pink dress with wigs, for the event Pure Juice Event, the name is "Luzie pink".

For the collection of jelwery you can find this beautiful rose pearl necklace with roses and butterflies, including the earrings one is a flower, the other is a wing.

LUZIE pink


martedì 1 marzo 2011


Donna Flora is proud to show this new spanish - style gown "Colette". A close-fitting dress made in black lace, the neck of the dress is made of satin roses in burgundy color that mix perfectly.